Dr Naseef Naeem has written and co-edited several publications.

Dr Naseef Naeem – author and editor
Dr Naseef Naeem – author and editor

I. Monographs

 Books written by Dr Naeem in German and Arabic


II. Edited works

 Publication series & journals


III. Articles


IV. Reviews

I.    Monographs


The State and its Foundations in the Arab Republics: A Contextualisation of Recent Constitutional Developments From Comparative Perspectives (first volume covers a period until the end of 2012), Berlin, Deutscher Levante Verlag, 2019
A presentation of the publication can be found here:

The new federal system of Iraq: a legal comparative study, Frankfurt a. M., Peter Lang Publisher, 2008

In Arabic

International Humanitarian Law: an analytical study of Geneva conventions 1949 and two additional protocols I & II 1977, Syria, Bar Association of Homs, 1999

Inheritance tax in Syria after the reform of July 1998, Law Faculty, University of Da-mascus, Department of Higher Studies, 1999

The basis of administrative law: a comparison between the French origin and the so-cialist modernity, Law Faculty, University of Damascus, Department of Higher Studies, 1997



II.    Edited works
Series of academic publications: Recht der Staaten im islamischen Kulturraum, Nomos Publisher, Baden-Baden (with Prof. Dr Dr Peter Scholz), since 2011
Law Journal: Jahrbuch für Verfassung, Recht und Staat im islamischen Kontext, Nomos Publisher, Baden-Baden (with Prof. Dr Dr Peter Scholz):

Volume 1, 2011 (this volume is translated into Arabic and published on the web-site of the German Orient Foundation in Berlin:, topics:

  • Conception of the yearbook
  • Rule of law in states with Islamic character (Iraq and Iran as ex-amples)
  • Somalia and the transitional constitution from 2004
  • Human rights and the rule of law in the Zanzibar constitution (English)
  • Reorganisation of Bahrain as a monarchy
  • The Iranian people: between reform efforts and helplessness

Volume 2, 2013 (with Prof. Dr Christine Langenfeld and Prof. Dr Jens Scheiner), topics:

  • Multidisciplinary and legal research in an Islamic context
  • Privacy in Islamic fiqh
  • The headscarf issue and lawmaking in German states (Bun-desländer)
  • The headscarf debate in Turkey
  • Honour killings in German case law
  • The debate over the building of minarets
  • Islamic funerals and German funeral law
  • Childbirth out of wedlock in Morocco (English)
  • Fundamental rights in the relationship between the EU and Syria


III.    Articles

“How to end the Turkish invasion of Syria” in: Zenith, 17/10/2019,



“No Half Measures” in: Zenith, 05/01/2018,


“The Justice: An Apparatus in Transition”, in: Atlas des arabischen Frühlings, Daniel Gerlach (ed.), Bundeszentrale für politische Bildung/Zenith, Bonn, 2016, pp. 234 f.

“The Islamic State (IS) and the Criteria of a State”, in: On the Way to Renewed Partner-ship or How to re-build European – Mediterranean Neighbourhood?, Stefan Schreiner (ed.), European Abrahamic Forum et al., Zurich, 2016, pp. 18–23 (English)ürich_2015.pdf

“Egypt’s Constitution-Making Process: A Bumpy Road” (with Katrin Seidel), in: Legal Transformation in Northern Africa and Southern Sudan, Thilo Maruauhn (ed.), Eleven International Publishing, The Hague, 2015, pp. 23–37 (English)

“Retreat of the Constitution Drafting Committee (CDC) in Berlin to the topic ‘Federal-ism in Yemen’”, in: Jemen-Report, Volume 46, 1-2/2015, pp. 78–80

“The ‘Islamic State’ and the state character: the new S-Class”, in: Zenith, 02/10/2014,

“Savage sentence, but legal? – The military-revolutionary Rule of Law”, in: Zenith, April 2014,ägypten

“Outlawed: what does Al-Azhar really say about the Alawites?”, in: Zenith, Sep 2013,

“Constitutional Law and Legal Reality in Syria”, in: Between Turmoil, Change and Renewal, Stefan Schreiner ed., European Abrahamic Forum, Zürich, 2013, S. 35 - 43, (English) 


“The new Islamic constitution of Egypt: yes, but?”, in: Zenith, 15 January 2013,ägyptens-neue-verfassung

“Law and the legal reality in Syria: between functionality and need for reform” in: In-formationsprojekt Naher und Mittlerer Osten (inamo), Volume 18, No. 72, winter 2012, pp. 66–70.
“Constitutional decrees of the Egyptian president: coup de grâce for the rule of law” in: Zenith, 27 November 2012ägypten

“Only the Europeans can negotiate in Syria”, in: Financial Times Deutschland, 20 September 2012, English:


“From the resignation of the president to enacting of the constitutional declaration for the interim period: a report about Egypt’s path to constitutionalism after Mubarak”, in: Jahrbuch des öffentlichen Rechts (JöR), Volume 60, 2012, pp. 643–660

“Constitutional system on the brink: does the Egyptian justice violate the art of jurispru-dence?”, in: Zenith, 27 June 2012
“Comparison of rule of law aspects in the constitutions of Islamic states using the exam-ples of Iraq and Iran” (coauthor Prof. Dr Dr Peter Scholz), in: Jahrbuch für Verfassung, Recht und Staat im islamischen Kontext, Volume 1, Scholz/Naeem (ed.), Nomos Pub-lisher, Baden-Baden, 2011, pp. 41–101

“Introduction to the concept of the Yearbook for Constitution, Law and State in an Is-lamic Context” (coauthor Prof. Dr Dr Peter Scholz), in: Jahrbuch für Verfassung, Recht und Staat im islamischen Kontext, Volume 1, Scholz/Naeem (ed.), Nomos Publisher, Baden-Baden, 2011, pp. 11–24
“The role of religion in the Islamic state system and the freedom state of the German Basic Law”, in: Deutsche Richterzeitung (DRiZ), 07/08/2010, pp. 234–238

“The federal system of the United Arab Emirates: a constitutional analysis aided by a comparative observation of the federal criteria of German Basic Law”, in: Jahrbuch des Öffentlichen Rechts (JöR), Volume 58, 2010, pp. 633–684

“Normative pluralism and the main dilemma of equality in the constitutional systems in states of Islamic character: theoretical aspects”, in: We all are minorities – a plea for pluralism, Stefan Schreiner (ed.), European Abrahamic Forum, Zurich, 2010, pp. 65–80 (English)

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“A combined roof: a confederation – a possible solution for the Middle East conflict”, in: Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ), Staat und Recht, No. 36, 12th Feb. 2009,



“The relationship between legality and legitimacy in Islamic states: a comment on the theses of Abdullahi an-Na’im”, in: Newsletter of the GAIR, No. 1, September 2009, pp. 36–37,

“Iraq’s constitution and federal structure: Heading for stagnation”, in:, 2009, (German, Arabic and English),

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“Constitutional criticism of the federal system of Iraq according to the Iraqi provisional constitution of 08.03.2004 and the Iraqi constitution of 15.10.2005”, in: Islamic Law V, Schneider, Irene (ed.), Frankfurt a. M., Peter Lang Publisher, 2006, pp. 47–83

IV.    Reviews

Federalism in Iraq: postwar order in a controversial discussion, Leyla Özden, Frankfurt a. M., Peter Lang Publisher, 2009, in: Zeitschrift der Deutschen Morgenländischen Ge-sellschaft (ZDMG), Volume 163, 1/2013, pp. 256–258.