Media appearances

Dr Naseef Naeem is sought after by the media for his expertise on political and legal developments in the Middle East.

Dr Naseef Naeem, sought-after Middle East expert
Dr Naseef Naeem, sought-after Middle East expert


EU Options for Dealing with the Syrian Conflict, Clingendael:

Netherlands In-stitute of International Relations

23 June 2020

View webinar recording (English)



Future of Syria and the role of Europe, Deutsch-Arabische Freundschaftsgesellschaft

19 May 2020


Phoenix, round table discussion

Erdoğan’s Offensive – Powerlessness of the West?

15 October 2019 (repeated)

Phoenix, live

Phoenix, live: battlefield Syria

7 March 2018 (repeated)


As research director of the zenithCouncil

 Two me-dia appearances in the form of discussion forums on the military coup in Egypt and the civil war in Syria


Live discussion on Deutschlandfunk

At the “Haus der Kulturen der Welt”, Berlin, topic: From the fall of the Berlin Wall to the Arab world: reconciliation in post-dictatorial societies

12 December 2012


Media interviews in Germany:

RBB-Radio, Berlin, Arabic branch

Okaz: the journal from Saudi Arabia

Funk-Blogs:, Berlin

FFN-Radio, Hannover

zenith Magazine and zenithOnline:
“We should take them by their word”


“Syria without Assad is possible”


Frankfurter Rundschau

Deutsche Welle

Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger

ZDF Heute:

“Secret Syria negotiations: our work is a relief act”


Legal Tribune Online (LTO):

“In the end, there will be a document”